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Can assure you that your ad will be seen over 80% of the time.

Some of our happy customers


City Media Advertising is an out-of-home advertising company based in Miami. We specialize in placing attention grabbing display ads in strategic locations. This is why government entities, regional media agencies and local businesses rely on us to build and run cost-effective and engaging advertising campaigns all year round. We focus on high traffic areas such as parking garages and parking facilities.
Founded in 2015, we have worked with the City of Miami Beach, Miami Parking Authority, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Flowbird, and most recently Miami-Dade County. We have managed over 1,500 media signs across the busiest locations in Miami-Dade County. During our 7 years of operation, City Media has built a solid reputation of reliability and professionalism. We offer an extensive range of advertising media options like digital interaction, static and place-based. Our inventory offers some of the highest impact areas within its facilities. 
City Media has an in-house design team and works with the most reliable printers in the country. We have also developed an in-house custom software management for our digital screens. We offer the latest in advertising products such as commercial signage and digital streaming content. We are making a way for businesses to grow with their unique set of needs.
While it is harder and harder to be visible online, only WE can assure you that your ads will be seen 80% of the time in our well thought out locations. No ad blocks, no free ads subscription, no digital fatigue, no ads clutter. Be seen. Be remarkable with City Media Advertising!


Can offer you a visual, cost-effective, engaging and unskippable way to dominate a location or an area.

Highly targeted advertising

Ads are displayed in High-traffic and Premium areas, near specific Points of interest, retails, courthouses, bars, restaurants, nightlife centers and hospitals. 

Strategic ads placement

Ads are strategically placed at egress points and high traffic areas in the parking facilities, ensuring you reach every person that enters or exits.

Innovative, efficient Media

We offer a wide range of advertising options, from branded parking tickets and gate arms, to interactive digital displays and large format wallscapes.

Captive audience

No skipping. Unlike ads on highways (a split second to notice them), ads online (people scroll right past it), or TV ads (free-ads streaming), there are no ad blocks in our real world.

Memorable and interactive

Ads are placed in uncluttered environments with very few competing stimuli nearby.
Adding QR codes allows to quickly make an actionable response like directing people to a website or social media accounts.

Marketing budget-friendly

Rates are low, compared to a regular billboard or a bus shelter, and provide maximum return for your media dollars. It allows developing both an online and offline ads campaign with great brand awareness at an affordable price.



Only Out-Of-Home advertising has a recall rate higher than 67% among traditional advertising media (TV, Computer, mobile, Radio, Print, etc.)


Wallscape ads

Our ads are located on the walls in the most heavily trafficked areas of the parking facilities. They are highly visible and efficient. We offer several sizes from 5'x10' up to 8'x16'. A masterpiece in your static advertising campaign.

Gate arms ads

What amazing and effective media! Placed on each gate arm of the parking facilities, ads are 100% visible from the car driver and passengers while entering and exiting the location. In addition, they are also visible from the street, which makes this media a fantastic asset in OOH campaign.

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Elevator ads

Located inside the elevator cars, the ads are extremely efficient. They cannot be missed. And people can interact with it by scanning QR to direct them to a website or social media accounts. They can also be placed outside elevators, in each lobby. 

Digital Parkmeters ads

Over 200 digital Pay stations are spread out in the premium and high trafficked areas of Miami (Brickell, Downtown, Wynwood, Midtown, Design District, Bayside, Coral Way, Civic Center, etc.). The 7" high-quality and full-color screen displays during the entire transaction (160 seconds at least) a color ad either on full screen or half screen, depending on the stage of the transaction. Great Media !!!



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Dedicated Street advertising

We have more inventory in premium locations than other street-level OOH companies. With dedicated campaigns, the client gets to cherry-pick the site of his choosing, based on availability.

Traditional Street advertising

A cost-effective option, this type of out-of-home campaign scales to the client's budget. Locations change weekly, giving wider overall coverage.




"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Hugues Morcillo and City Media Advertising for the past 6 years. 

Mr. Morcillo is a true entrepreneur and I have been pleased with his professionalism in all aspects of our working relationship. I feel that the unique nature of his business of advertising in garages gives good visibility to regional and local businesses and can certainly add value to any public or private asset manager. His company provides a positive impact on the economy as it allows the organization to provide local employment and reinvestment in expanding into other major cities."

Art Noriega / City Manager of Miami and Former CEO of Miami Parking Authority, City of Miami

"We worked with Hugues and City Media for the Super Bowl LIV.

Mr. Morcillo has done a phenomenal job for us from start to finish of his tasks and responsibilities particularly for our event: “Miami Super Bowl Host Committee Host House”.

He has done a lot of good work helping contribute back value into the community and local businesses. Needless to say, the Host Committee was a very satisfied customer thanks to Mr. Morcillo."

Melanie Sajous / Director, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee

"I worked with Hugues Morcillo from 2017 to 2021.

We collaborated on the Parking Garage Advertising program that his company, City Media Advertising, runs for the 9 municipal parking garages of the City of Miami Beach.

As the contract manager, It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him during all these years. Hugues has shown excellent skills and delivered an exceptional quality of work to get value from the municipal parking facilities."

Miami Beach Tonya
Tonya Daniels / Former Marketing and Communication Director, City of Miami Beach.

"As President of a 30+ year old media strategy, planning, and buying company I have been working with Hugues Morcillo since 2017.

Since that time, I have found him to be a creative, hardworking individual with a very compelling advertising product. It comes as no surprise to me that he has built an innovative, unique out-of-home advertising business.

We recommend Hugues parking garage media whenever we have a client that needs to reach drivers in the Miami and Miami Beach areas."

Ric Roth / President, IGT Media
"Mr. Morcillo’s outstanding level of entrepreneurism, professionalism, and experience have made the program very effective and successful.

The program has created a great platform for advertising businesses and services – especially for our local companies. As an added enhancement, Mr. Morcillo even provides the County with free advertising opportunities to promote the County’s own programs and services to the general public. Most recently, Mr. Morcillo and City Media presented more exciting ideas and visions for the program and we are very much looking forward to continuing and growing this program here in Miami-Dade County, Florida."

Doris MacPherson / Revenue Development Manager, Miami-Dade County

"We have worked with Hugues morcillo and City media Advertising since 2018.

We have had a great experience and results that we received for a marketing campaign for our clients from Hugues Morcillo at City Media Advertising.

Hugues presented the agency with some great ideas to promote a dance show via outdoor advertising in parking garages, elevators, parking meters etc. The client surpassed sales goals for the event for the first time in several years."

WOW copy
Roxana Infante / Media Director, Wow Marketing Media

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