Parking garage is a new media. A media perfectly fitted for smart cities: geo-located, highly targeted and connected. With almost 90% of active population driving a car, transit media such as parking garage and parking lot are the best way to reach active consumers where they effectively are. Most of all, the wide variety of media spaces offered in a parking garage maximize this reach. Here is why.

#1 – Environment

Parking garage media signs located in popular, affluent and trendy cities like Miami are strategic. Indeed, within those cities, Out-Of-Home-Advertising is extremely legally limited. Audiences in these key addresses, strategically located in heavily trafficked, your message will be delivered to the maximum level. Positive feelings towards a brand are directly related to the location and time of impression and the number of advertising exposures.

#2 – Proximity

In a parking garage, ads are seen minutes from where the race is. People that you reach are working, visiting or living in the area. You reach them during their daily commute and twice a day. Which type of media can guarantee such targeted exposure?

#3 – Captive Audience

Parking garage media spaces reach clearly identified target audiences with minimum waste. People who are living, visiting or working everyday in those heavily trafficked area will see your message daily, as they arrive to and depart from their workplace/living place. You will reach mostly transient parkers e.g. people who are going to the Courthouses to deal with legal problem or people who are attending to the events and shows in Downtown or in some central hospital area.

#4 – Impact

Parking garage media signs are usually colorful and attractive with no surrounding distractions. They glow in the low-light environment of the garages. They jump off the wall at the driver and simply cannot be missed. The signs’ sizes are tall compared to the environment where they are usually placed (as a billboard, which is big because placed in a huge environment). Usually, the range of parking garage media signs goes from 30”x40” (elevator cars) to 192”x96” (wraps).

#5 – Repetition

Parking garage media signs are seen on a continual daily basis, which means they virtually guarantee daily message frequency. Studies have shown that the more people are exposed to your advertising the more likely they are to buy your product or service. Those signs’ significant repetition allows you to generate more awareness; and beyond awareness to the very way people feel about your product or service.

#6 – Marketing budget friendly

Parking garage media signs’ rates are low cost, compared to a regular billboard or a bus shelter, and provide maximum return for your media dollars. For 5 times less than traditionnel outdoor advertising, your brand can be durably set up within strategic locations and seen twice a day on a daily basis for months.

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