Over 360 digital parking meters all over Miami!

Parking garage: the transit media for smart cities


Highly targeted local advertising

Advertising opportunities at our parking garages are vast, located in all main Miami and Miami Beach garages, near shopping, court center, hospital, university and main lifestyle center. Your message is delivered in the easiest and efficient way.

A media that effectively connect with consumers

Parking garage signage is available in Miami and Miami beach’s mosts affluent and trendy areas, where traditional mass media advertising is extremely limited inside the City.

An innovative media inside smart-cities

Parking structure wrap ads and wide variety of banners are an extraordinary way to reach the Miami and Miami beach community. Strategically located in heavily crowed and high profile vicinities, your message will be delivered at an optimized reach.

Captive audience

We reach clearly identified target audiences with minimum waste. People who are living, visiting or working everyday in these heavily trafficked area, will see your message daily, as they arrive to and depart from the workplace/living place.


City Media signs are seen on a continual daily basis, which means they virtually guarantee daily message frequency. Parking garage’s signs’ significant repetition allows you to generate highly targeted awareness.

Marketing budget-friendly

Parking garage rates are low cost, compared to a regular billboard or a bus shelter, and provide maximum return for your media dollars. You’ll developp the same brand awareness as with traditional billboard – at an affordable price.


Monthly impressions

Parking garages

Annual visitors in Miami & Miami Beach

South Beach - Garage #1

South Beach - Garage #2

South Beach - Garage #3

South Beach - Garage #4

South Beach - Garage #5

South Beach - Garage #6

South Beach - Garage #7

South Beach - Garage #9

South Beach - Garage #10

South Beach - Garage #11

Downtown Miami - Garage #1

Downtown Miami - Garage #2

Downtown Miami - Garage #3

Downtown Miami - Garage #4

Downtown Miami - Lot #18

Downtown Miami - Lot #41

Downtown Miami - Lot #72

Jackson Health District - Green Garage

Jackson Health District - Red Garage

Jackson Health District - Yellow Garage

Jackson Health District - Orange Garage

Jackson Health District - Blue Garage

Targeted media spaces



City Media signs are colorful, attractive with no surrounding distractions. They glow in the low-light environment of the garages and simply cannot be missed.


The wide range of parking garage’s medias signs provide ads a daily basis visibility and reach of active consumers on their daily commute.

Return On Investment

City Media signs rates are marketing budget friendly compared to a regular billboards or a bus shelter while providing better reach, targeted impact and higher return for your media dollars.
Both Hugh Morcillo and City Media are very professional and transparent. The exposure this advertising has brought us in Miami convinced us to expand ou contract with Hugh and purchase several other areas. Good product and many positive responses from clients and the public. Marc Schiller

Lawyer - Principal, Schiller, Kessler & Gomez


SKG law firm understood the need of local brand awareness to build his brand and informed smartly and locally, of its existence. They choose an efficient visual add that delivers the right message, at the right time and the right place.

Campaigns examples

Warner Music Campaign

SKG garage advertising campaign


Brightline garage advertising campaign

Adrienne Arsht Center garage advertising campaign

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